For sale

At Het Strijkershuis we sell violins, violas, and cellos in various categories.

Are you interested in purchasing an instrument? Please send us an e-mail at to make an appointment. 

We will try to make ready several instruments within your price range to try out in the shop. You may also borrow an instrument to try out at home before deciding to make a purchase.

We also sell instruments made by our master violinmaker Hein Woldring at special request.

Foto: © Jan Röhrman Viool gebouwd in 2000 door Hendrik Woldring. Kopie van de "Heifetz" Guarneri del Gesù
Photo: © Jan Röhrman.
Violin built in 2000 by Hendrik Woldring'.
Copy of the "Heifetz" Guarneri del Gesù.

In addition, we also sell bows and most accessories for stringed instruments, like cases, covers, strings, rosin, chin- and shoulder rests and more.
For accessories please drop by during our opening times or send us an e-mail.