Het Strijkershuis has a large collection of instruments available to rent, in different sizes and categories.
We rent out violins, viola’s and cellos in nearly all sizes.
We do not rent out double basses due to lack of space.
Renting an instrument includes a bow, case, resin and a chin and shoulder rest for violins and viola’s. In short, everything you need to play the instrument.

Why rent?

As a rental customer you pay a fee every quarter or month and you can decide to return or exchange your instrument when you feel like it. Also, regular maintenance (excluding new strings) is free for rental customers.
If you decide to buy the instrument you are renting, you will get a part of your paid rent as a discount on your purchase.
Renting is especially ideal for children, as they can change to a larger instrument for free, and they’ll get a discount when they are ready to buy a full size instrument.
Would you like to rent an instrument for yourself or for your child? Please send an e-mail to to make an appointment. We will try to make a suitable instrument ready, based on age and experience.
When renting for a child it is best to bring along your child, so we can select the right size instrument.
Also, don’t forget to bring a valid ID, like a passport or driver’s licence.

Costs for rental:

Violin for children: from 45 euros per quarter

Violin full size: from 50 euros per quarter

Viola: from 55 euros per quarter

Cello for children: from 75 euros per quarter

Cello full size: from 85 euros per quarter

The minimum rental period is 1 quarter (3 months).
Thereafter cancellable per month.
Payments are made by direct debit authorization.